In memory of the four years spent at Marc Veyrat and the daily collection of wild plants and herbs, the star chef Keigo Kimura has chosen to name his two restaurants in Auxerre and Dijon after the name L'ASPÉRULE.


By opening L'ASPÉRULE Dijon, Keigo Kimura did not abandon his Auxerre restaurant run by

Chef Hidechika KURITA

  • Plusieurs restaurants français à Tokyo, commis, chef de partie
  • Les losiers Eguzkilore à Tokyo, 1 étoile guide Michelin, Sous-chef
  • Restaurant l’asperule à Dijon, 1* au guide Michelin, Chef de partie
  • La Mirande à Avignon, 1* au guide Michelin, Chef de partie


Room manager and Sommelier graduated Armand LEMINEUR

  • Georges Blanc 3 * in the Michelin guide as Sommelier
  • Castel de Très Girard as Sommelier




27 € Starter + Main Course + Dessert of your choice

Having dinner

38 € 4-course tasting menu


Opening time

From Tuesday to Saturday

12-1.30 p.m., 7.30 p.m. - 9 p.m


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34, rue du Pont - 89000 Auxerre

Tél. 03 86 33 24 32